Dogsled Alley


I like walking down alleyways more than regular streets. It’s either that or I also like walking at night. If only I felt a bit safer than I do. It’s pretty safe in this town, though. Then again there can be the odd meth fiend about.

But anyway, the reason I love alleyways or nighttime walking in the suburbs is because I don’t feel like I’m on parade. If I lived on a country road, I wouldn’t worry about it but in the suburbs I always have this weird feeling that I’m being watched or judged when walking down the sidewalk during the day. Unless it’s a big city. Then everyone is so self-centered that it doesn’t matter what I do or wear or how I look. Nobody cares. [Just kidding about my judgmental attitude towards urbanites. Well, barely.]

No, I like alleys. Today I took my dogs down the alley. The ground was frozen in the shady bits and they were excited by the cold and the smells. On the main street, I found myself holding them back and saying ‘heel’ every 5 seconds, but once I got to the alleyway, I realized….Hey! this can be fun!!!! I’ve got my own dogsled team and the soles of my shoes are so worn down that it’s like ice skating on the asphalt and so…. Suddenly I was a kid again having fun in an alleyway instead of being upright and uptight on a main street.

The beauty of alleyways and nighttime freewheeling living.