ddf899b71cc2828a75f692b1a8e47cc0I just saw the cutest little drone in the air. It was flashing red and blue lights and it looked like a little UFO drifting above my neighbor’s yard and heading my way.
When I go outside, that is where life is. Always. Except for when my kids are at home. Then I feel life inside the house, too. (No, I haven’t forgotten my animals – it’s just not entirely the same).
When the drone went away, I turned and saw the clouds and there were different kinds of clouds. Dark grey ones. Light gray ones. They looked like fuzzy layers of soft wool draped over each other.
And then I turned once more and saw the moon which I caught a glimpse of right before the clouds stole her away and hid her from my view.
The air is ripe with potential (which is a good smell btw). And I found my chi again today (which is also a nice smell). Sometime between walking up and down a ramp while videotaping myself doing silly stuff and talking with a friend about everything in our hearts, I found it and it smelled like patchouli/wild roses/cedarwood.
And now that I found it, I’m not letting go of it again.

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