stop doing the same shit, expecting different… CHANGE THE PATTERN

habitsin the spirit of richard feynman, a nobel prize winning scientist and theorist, who posited that if you can explain something that you know to someone else in simple terms, then you have truly mastered the concept, well, i’m going to attempt to explain my personal  secret recipe for happiness (which may or may not be true for others so take it with a grain of sea salt).

if you want to be happy, first you need to be able to figure out your pace in life and be true to it. others may jostle you and push and shove you along or hold you back, but you really truly need to check in with your own pace. and it may change. but be clued in enough to know when it does change. and don’t just go with everyone else’s flow or pretty soon you will have lost the thread that will take you back down the path to yourself and what you know makes you happy.

next? people. i know some people are introverts and some are extroverts and we all need our down time and me-time but i honestly feel that no matter how introverted you are, too much time alone will eventually wear on even the toughest souls. even if it just means talking to the guy who changes the oil on your car…. get out and chat with people. it will lift the veil of fog over your head.

and then? sleep. you’ve got to get some regular shuteye. and if you can’t? stop drinking coffee and tea and alcohol before bedtime. seriously, make some choices that make sense. have a hot bath or shower and do whatever you need to do to slow down. cover up the windows. light some candles. woo yourself. but you’ve got to sleep. don’t answer that phone when that person calls you too late at night. take care of you.

also? exercise. anything. even if it’s just 10 minutes once a day. get off your ass and move. it helps. if nothing else it’s like an aphrodisiac because it sets off these chemicals in your brain that promote relaxation and your muscles feel good when they’re a bit sore. you know they do. so do it and quit complaining.

and? who makes you happy? who makes you really happy? think about them. remember them. write about them. try to see them or speak to them. seek them out. even if they’re from the long ago past. maybe they are no more. but still, speak to them. hug them in your mind. they are your muses. let them make you happy.

finally, do stupid things. make dumb mistakes. take the wrong turn. get lost. stop doing the same stupid shit the same way all the time. switch it up. wake up your brain. get crazy. stop being predictable and safe. it’s fucking boring. stop it.




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