mistakes are ok

Treadmill Mousei get on the treadmill of life and like a mouse with blinders on i never stop to see that i don’t have to.

if left to my own devices, i will pump out so many tasks checked off on my internal ‘to do’ list that eventually i’m hungrily seeking out more petty tasks to do just because i’m in the ‘to do’ mode. it’s ridiculous.

is it that urgent that i respond to that person’s email? are they going to die if they don’t hear a ‘thank you’ from me? is it so horrible that i may not get posters up and around town later rather than sooner? is the world going to end? will everyone hate me? will everyone think that i’m an incompetent loser? well, whatever. WHATEVER (valley girl accent)!!!

you’re always going to be a loser in somebody else’s eyes. you might as well focus on the people who see you as a winner. and they’re there. you just have to tune out the others. focus on the people who love you even if you arrive 10 minutes late or don’t return their phonecall the same day or forget that you guys made plans together but then call later to explain the circumstances. it’s understood. it’s no big deal. some people understand that you are human. for those that do not, asta. for those that do, grazie.



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