don’t settle

Don’t settle for being on the backburner of somebody else’s life.

Settle for people who:

  1. Wish you a good spring break in a text for no other ulterior motive but to wish you a good spring break.
  2. Who leave gluten free noodles on your doorstep for no reason.
  3. Who smile and give you a hug even though it’s been a year since you’ve worked with them on a play.
  4. Who tell you that you helped to get them out of a cult just by teaching them about critical thinking.
  5. Who remember memories you barely remember like how you used to laugh when they said the word, ‘sisteeeeeeer.’
  6. Who blush when they see you or get so tongue tied and nervous that they have to run away for five minutes before they get up the courage to speak to you.
  7. Who tell you each time that they see you that merely your presence makes them feel calm.
  8. Who ‘get you’ so well that when you call for no reason, they know exactly why you’re calling and name it.
  9. Who follow you home one day in their VW van because they’re a new friend who can tell that something is up and you need a good listener and then they become an old friend who doesn’t mind reading the epic long emails that you write to them about life, love, relationships and everything in between.
  10. Who glance at you from across the room and with their Harlequin romance novel smoldering gaze they set your soul ablaze.

Until then, don’t settle.


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