Bad poem #2

I used to think that laughter could only happen with someone else
And then I realized there is a way to laugh on your own
It seems strange.
How do you tickle your own funny bone?
But it is possible.
It requires a lot of lube, a discarded toothpaste tube, and generosity of spirit. I mean, spit.
Now it’s not what you’re thinking.
Get your mind outta the gutter. I would never so much as refer to … master-dating.
No no no… none of that talk now y’hear!
I just mean that SEX is like LIFE which is like LUCID DREAMING meaning
If you try too hard, nothing ever works out.
But if you just try enough and let go and let life lead you where it will
Then you will get where you need to be which might just be
Staring at the end of a toothpaste tube
Wondering whether you should throw it away or not
And maybe there’s still a bit of life left in it
But does it really matter if you throw it away? Is anyone looking and does anyone care?
No, probably not. Which is again, what life is like. And sex.
Nobody really cares much what you do behind your bedroom door.
They’re all too worried about you wondering about them.
So stop worrying and just chew on a big fat chill pill.
The end.


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