#turn on the fan

All I want to do is write in one liners because it makes me feel a tad more poetic.

Let’s face the truth.

All of our attention spans are getting shorter: fact.

We are all sitting on our asses too much: fat ass fact.

The only way to counter this is to get off your ass and go outside more: #saysomethingnewthisisgettingold.







Seriously, we all just need to be able to play with ourselves more (still kinky sounding).



Ok, I’m breaking the rules and going for it now.

I am getting better at letting go and laughing at myself rather than taking myself too seriously. And if other people try to force me to be too serious, then I will breathe and let go and get quiet and give them a chance to catch up because everyone needs someone to be patient with them. Somebody was patient with me once when I was taking myself too seriously. So it’s time for me to pay it forward. Give yourself and others time and space to fuck things up. They will. You will. Deal with it, laugh, and let the shit go. And then turn on the fan.


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