What to do when you don’t feel appreciated:

  • Like yourself more. If you don’t like yourself, why would anybody else?
  • Be alone more. Again, why let the world in on you and your specialness if they don’t appreciate you? Save yourself and your preciousness for those who actually savor your uniqueness. If nobody does at a particular moment, then you are your own best cheerleading squad.
  • Stop and remember the moments and the people who have appreciated you. Print out the things that they said and silly putty them to your walls. Sing about them. Draw pictures of those people who realized who you are, could see you for who you are, and are happy just to be in your presence, and you in theirs.
  • And for those moments in your day when someone doesn’t appreciate you and, in fact, goes out of their way to demonstrate that they don’t appreciate you, then ignore and let go. Realize that they have the problem and not you. Realize that by not reacting to their negativity, you are clearing a space to find yourself again and to let them see themselves more clearly.
  • The end.

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