Le sexe

The sexiest people in the world…

  1. Are interested in your mind.
  2. Are interested in their own mind.
  3. Have a mind.
  4. Can listen non-judgmentally but with curiosity.
  5. Like the right music.
  6. Have the right hair.
  7. Have the right sense of humor.
  8. Are not in a rush.
  9. Are not too passive neither.
  10. Are just right.

Of course, life isn’t just about ‘le sexe.’ But it’s a damn sure good sign of what’s important to you. And I know what’s important to me. I know what you’re thinking. That’s probably a pretty tall order (that a – j above), but it’s good to know what you want. What will set your heart ablaze. What’s worth relaxing and waiting for.

The funny thing about sexiness is that people go around and think it’s too embarrassing to talk about. What really turns you on. What do you need!!! Why not? Why not name what you want? What’s so shameful about that? What’s shameful, I think, is this perpetual hush hush around sexiness. Around what’s really important. Ok, there are more important things than sex. Sure. Yup. Yeah. But no really. There are. Ummm… yeah. But I think it’s good to remember that if you’re not feeling sexy about yourself, about your life, then it’s hard to have much motivation for anything else. Sex = motivation. Sexiness is the factor that keeps you going when there’s not much else to seduce you to act. IMHO


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