Starsearch Smalley

So I just found out that I, Starsearch Smalley, am related to SNL’s Stuart Smalley. So, in the spirit of his own positive affirmations, I’m going to do my own daily mantras of positivity. Here is a list of various mantras I like to repeat at low moments.

  1. I like cats.
  2. I like kissing cats.
  3. I can do accents.
  4. I’m pretty relaxed with laughing at myself.
  5. I’m also good at defending myself if people cross the line and call me ‘old.’
  6. I can get myself out of bad moods.
  7. I can drive long distances alone and never get bored.
  8. I can pay my own bills (most of the time).
  9. I can teach.
  10. I can breathe.
  11. I can make pasta with butter and garlic and parmesan for dinner and be content.
  12. I am a positive person.
  13. I am a silly person.
  14. I can pretty much laugh at anything.
  15. Even things that aren’t meant to be laughed at.
  16. I’m pretty humble.
  17. I can drive.
  18. I can surf.
  19. I am a team player.
  20. I make a pretty damn good and mean southwestern shepherd’s pie.
  21. I am pretty good at helping people get along with other people.
  22. Including dogs getting along with cats.
  23. I am very patient (unless I haven’t had enough sleep or had enough coffee or chocolate).
  24. I like to laugh.
  25. I can sing songs.
  26. 24 is my lucky number and I went past that so I better stop at the next number that has a 4 in it.
  27. I can strike up conversations pretty much most of the time with whoever (unless they look like a crazy person then I steer clear).
  28. I am not a picky eater (except I hate stewed tomatoes).
  29. And hydrogenated oil in foods and gluten.
  30. I like to travel.
  31. 3 and 1 add up to 4 so I’m going to call it quits. Thanks for listening to my self-congratulatory Stuart Smalley inspired rant ‘n rave.

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