a singing blog post

This time I am singing as i write out my blog post. Sometimes I like to sing and sometimes I like to talk. And sometimes I like to do accents to lift my spirits. Why don’t we all sing more than we do? Why do high notes make me feel happier? Why don’t we sing more? Why isn’t there a culture that sings to each other all the time instead of talking? I’d like to live in a world where people sing to make their points to each other. Wouldn’t that be nice? It would be so much easier to talk to someone when you’re singing because even if you’re telling them that they’re a ‘royal pain in the ass,’ it sounds much better because you’re singing about it instead. And if you had to tell yourself to get off facebook and start grading it would be much easier to listen to yourself nag at yourself. And it would be so much prettier and the airwaves would look nicer and the world would be brighter if we all just sang our thoughts out loud. Yes it’s true. I do believe it to be so. Does it really take much more energy to sing than just talk out loud? Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t. maybe I have to push more air through my throat to sing? I’m not sure. I haven’t really thought about it. ok, I’m going to try to just talk again. Here it goes. I guess if I stop singing and just talk it doesn’t seem to take as much air to come out of my throat so back to singing… I think it’s a cardio workout to sing and that’s why it makes me happier because exercise tends to make people happier and that’s why I like to sing and that’s why I never did sports in high school because I was always singing on my guitar or in choir or to myself in the shower or in my room with the radio playing because I wasn’t hip enough to demand to have my own stereo system or I was in school which was really church because I went to a catholic girls school where we had to attend mass toooooooo much…….. and there was lots of singing there. So I did a lot of singing about jesus which didn’t necessarily make me happy but not unhappy either.


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