when i was about 7 years old, i remember driving somewhere in canada with my family. it was raining and nighttime and i was laying in the back of my dad’s volvo. i loved laying back there, knowing full well i normally would have had to have had my seatbelt on. but this time for some reason i didn’t have to and i felt happy and free.

and then, as i lay there with my socks off and my feet resting happily on the window of the trunk door, i suddenly got up. i don’t know why. the car had stopped at a light i think and i decided to sit up and see where we were. and then….

the finger pointing and the laughter. all i remember is people laughing and pointing their fingers at me and my feet and i sat there stunned wondering what i had done to deserve this. and then i realized what i had done to deserve this and i got pissed and hid in the trunk of the car.

i thought to myself, ‘what small minded people! what’s wrong with them! why can’t a person lay down with their feet on the back of the station wagon window?’ and then i realized that you can’t change what people laugh at. they’re going to laugh at what they’re going to laugh at.

and now whenever i see people with their feet stuck to the window, i have to laugh, too.


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