I have a really hard time going to sleep.

Not because I don’t like to sleep.

Just because I never want to say goodbye to the day.

Life is too short and sleeping, to me, means one less day on this earth.

Which, I know, is not the happiest thought to have.

But it’s what motivates me to be creative.

And it’s not an unhappy feeling staying up late to be creative.

It’s just the most quiet and introspective part of my day.

I honestly don’t know how anyone does anything at any other time of the day.

I know that if I went to sleep, I’d probably feel even better the next day and have an even better one than the one I just had.

But still I have the hardest time in the world just… letting go…. And letting in sleep. But maybe with this little rant, I will finally do it.


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