it’s amazing how…

when you begin to take care of yourself better, life gets easier. you have more energy for people. and when you have more energy to give people, they give you more back. and when you don’t? when you’re tired, drained, one step behind, the world pummels you down to the ground even faster. just take care of yourself, a little bit more and better each day, and life gets considerably easier faster and faster.

sometimes the world can still get to be too much. I had a tremendous amount of energy this morning. I took my time picking out an outfit, I got creative with what I was going to teach. I had time to luxuriate in the process. and then I got to school, and kept bumping into people who gave and received more energy. people smiling and saying ‘hi’ from past classes. other friends wanting to talk and I felt flattered and yet pressed to get to class but they ‘got it’ and it’s all ok. I had lots of energy. most of the day. until about 2pm and then I crashed but then I made sure I withdrew and didn’t get pummeled by life anymore.

people who love words… inspire me. people who make time for words. who don’t judge what kinds of words you use. people whose free minds allow my own freedom of thought. people who are willing to follow whatever tangent my mind goes on and who are willing to share with me whatever flippity path theirs goes… these are the people I adore. if I could quit it all today, I would and i’d open a coffeeshop or winebar just so I could people watch and drink something tasty and people gawk and listen some more. I would be endlessly entranced by them all.


2 thoughts on “it’s amazing how…

  1. Nice words are like tiny wisps of healing sounds. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself. Everyone should. We maintain our cars and our property. What property is more valuable to us than the very collection of atoms that allows us to live?

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    1. I realized at 3am this morning that if i’m destined to write self-help, healing memoir shizzizzit then that’s what i’ll embrace. I love it. I need it. and I can’t help it. thanks rich! nice to hear from you and maybe i’ll see you this summer in LA when I head out to see my family. asta la vista senor R


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